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Seating and Planters Commission

planterplanterbollard seat

The seats and planters I have designed for Mutley Plain aim to make the street a more sociable, cheerful and greener place. They will be made from cast stone and as the process of producing the moulds is expensive there will only be three or four different types of seats and planters. However, the shapes allow the units to be positioned together in a number of different combinations which will give interest and variety. The units can be positioned to create areas shielded from the noise of the traffic and arranged to encourage people to sit and chat and enjoy the views of and from Mutley Plain.

Andrew Skelton

Andrew Skelton planters Andrew Skelton planters
Planters being installed Planters in place

Andrew Skelton Andrew Skelton has been designing and making furniture since the early 1980s. His work is mainly for public spaces and his public seating shows a concern for comfort and access. Although working primarily in wood he incorporates a wide variety of materials in his work.
Tarn Hows - A series of twelve English oak seats on a lake walk at Tarn Hows, Cumbria for the National Trust.- photo Andrew Skelton Tarn Hows
Peace Gardens - 18 bronze and timber seats for a new city centre garden and public space in Sheffield - photo Steve Hepworth Peace Gardens
Heart Seats - a flexible indoor/outdoor seating system in cast concrete, English oak and stainless steel - photo Robert Walker Heart


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