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The Film Artist Residency


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Lotta Petronella

As the film artist for the Mutley Plain Regeneration programme, I spent six weeks working in Plymouth of which three weeks were based at the Hyde Park Junior School working with thirty children from the third grade, familiarising them with digital film making using a laptop to edit (iMovie), a DV camera, a stills camera, a printer and a scanner. The equipment including Photoshop, has been passed on the Hyde Park School to enable the creative flow of digital technology and film making to be part of their schedule for years to come. The second part of the residency was commissioned to make a film using Mutley Plain as a source of inspiration and location. I spent the resting three weeks work on the film scripting, casting and shooting. I was base at the Plymouth Arts Centre where I had a studio space allowing me to work on the film 'Dear Maud'.

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