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Central Reservation Artwork Commission

Steve Geliot's installation

carved wooden patterns for the barrier artwork The image shows the carved wooden patterns for the barrier artwork, which have been cut from lime wood. These were then be pressed into black casting sand in metal boxes, into which the molten aluminium was poured, and allowed to cool over a couple of days. The mould was then opened up, the sand knocked away with a hammer, and the casting released for fine finishing.

Steve Geliot lives in Brighton and has a workshop in rural Sussex. He has worked on a number of public art projects over the years, and has been working on projects in the South West for the last three. Steve trained at Brighton in 3-D design and then did an MA in The History and Theory of Modern Art at Chelsea School of Art.

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Steve Geliot


Steve Geliot is a sculptor – primarily a carver, but through working in public spaces and collaboratively with other artists and professionals regards himself as a placemaker.

Eternal Parents cedar wood and granite blocks, 27ft high, Saltmill Park, Saltash 2000 Eternal Parents

Taunton hospital courtyard, bench in oak, paving in recycled stone, concrete and timber deck, planting.
Taunton hospital courtyard
Three small carvings in Portland Stone, untitled, 2000. Three small carvings in Portland Stone


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