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Lead Artist's Statement

As lead artist, I was required to develop a vision for the kind of projects the Mutley Plain Regeneration Initiative might support. The limitations were a very real and deciding factor: the amount of money and time available, safety and technical issues, and land ownership issues all were all things which had to be taken into consideration from the start.

My vision was to use art to address and mitigate some of the problems which exist here. Currently the quality of life on Mutley Plain is marred by traffic. The motion, noise and smell of the traffic, and it's accompanying signage and engineering creates a disturbed energy. This energy is as always aggressive, and takes more positive kinds of energy with it, out and away at either end of the Plain.

The artworks and artwork/plantings will reintroduce a language of human beings and living things to Mutley Plain. Their presence will soften the urban language, introducing subtleties of visual dialect into the conversations of architecture, landscape and inhabitants.

Movement and light will be incorporated into the artworks and plantings: swishy swaying grasses and sculptures, responding sensitively to the breeze. This counter rhythm will soften the hard pace of the traffic, and by being naturally inspired and motivated, create a balancing energy, making Mutley Plain a more enjoyable and inspiring environment.

Steve Geliot


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