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Project management and the Commissioning team

The project is being managed through the City Council's Economic Development and Urban Regeneration Service, in association with the project's 'commissioning team'.

An important element in the development of the artwork programme, the commissioning team was established in April 2000, although a considerable amount of advocacy and networking with relevant groups and individuals had taken place before then.

The aims of the commissioning team are:

The design team is an informal consultative group who - drawing on the skills, knowledge and experience of the team members - have met to discuss and make recommendations about the nature, time-tabling and cost of commissions.

The commissioning team is made up of representatives of the following groups and interests:

Mutley Traders & Business Association
Mutley Community Association
Mutley Baptist Church
Plymouth Disabled Arts Forum
Mutley / Greenbank Trust - Senior Youth Development Worker
Hyde Park School
Diana Hatton, Arts Consultant
Steve Geliot, Lead Artist

supported by the following city council officers:

Jo Atkey, Area Regeneration Co-ordinator (PCC)
Ruth Hancock, Senior Landscape Architect (PCC)
Bran Howell, Environment & Consumer Protection

and now including the following commissioned artists:

Andrew Skelton - Seating & Planters
Janet Stoyel - Small Scale Sculpture
Lotta Petronella - Film Artist
Stuart Moore - Website

The Lead Artist

Responsible for the overall artistic direction of the programme of work, the role of the lead artist can be summarized as follows:

Phase I (identifying the commissions)

Phase II (developing and implementing the commissions)

The role of the project manager

Working closely with the lead artist, the role of the project manager can be summarised as follows:

Phase I (identifying the commissions)

Phase II (developing and implementing the commissions)

Key Project Goals


The Mutley Plain Regeneration Initiative is a first for Plymouth in terms of using public art as a mechanism to deliver objectives normally associated with economic regeneration. Through the establishment of a commissioning team involving a cross-section of interest in Mutley Plain; by encouraging debate about the challenges posed by the state of the physical environment within Mutley and by appointing arts professionals to give a creative lead to this discussion it is
anticipated that, with a small but effective budget, real change can take place on Mutley Plain. In addition, with the establishment of a practical and successful working model, it is expected that a project like the Mutley Plain Regeneration Initiative will directly influence other projects and ways of working within the context of regeneration both within Plymouth and beyond.


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